~Create the illusion of water~

I started a new chair  and wanted to create a water effect that had lots of depth and movement.
I think I achieved the effect I was looking for and want to share the basic technique with you :) 
The Apoxie Sculpt was applied to the seat creating "high and low" points.  This method really helped create the illusion of pools that I would see on the edge of a river, lake or ocean as well as impressions on the waters floor. 
Layers upon layers of blue, silver, gold, purple, bronze, green and black  acrylic paints were used simultaneously and dry rubbed using a paint brush and sponge.  Allow each layer to dry before applying the next layer of paint.  This method may seem time consuming but well worth the effort as I achieved the depth I was looking for.   
A  50/50 mixture of microfine glass glitter and glossy varnish was applied to the corners/dark areas as if the sun were twinkling on the waters edge.  Allow the glitter/varnish to dry and seal entire seat with one coat of glossy varnish.  Let dry.
Fill the seat slowly with 3 D Lacquer and let dry. I would recommend using 5 Minute Epoxy vs. the 3D Lacquer if the water effect is more than 1/4" deep. Thick layers of the 3D Lacquer may scratch creating unsightly impressions.
Mix gold and clear micro marbles as well as medium AB marbles with Grrrip glue and apply the mixture to the sides of the  water feature.  This creates the illusion of sea foam/bubbles  and the effect is stunning if I say so myself.
Hope you like it :)