Wire Feet
By Jean Bernard
Please view the entire lesson before you begin.  I will use more pictures than words to guide you through the basic process. Use your imagination adding  your own design elements to create simple or elaborate wire feet .

I used my wire hand armature to show you how I created the length of the wire foot .
Lay five 20 gauge wires next to the wire hand. Mark the five wires at the wrist.  If you placed your hand on your own foot, the palm of your hand will sit inside the arch.
Place the 5 wires side by side.  Do NOT stack or overlap the wires.  Gently wrap 24 or 26 gauge wire around the 5 wires and twist into place.  Snip off the short excess wire.
Weave the finer gauge wire over and under the wires of the wire foot creating a basket weave.  Keep an eye on the shape of the foot.  This is the time to be as perfect or as wild as you want to be. Just a thought: if you were creating a dragon/fantasy piece you could divide the wire foot and have split toes and it would stand alone provided you made two sets of feet
Continue to weave the wire until you get to the toes.  Hint: Use your own foot for toe placement.  Simply close one eye, place the armature above your foot and pull it back until the armature is in line with your foot.  This old trick works for all body parts. Its used by many artists for many years and works well for me when I want perfection. 
Trim wires to create the toes.  Loop the lead wire down and through the bottom wire.
Gently flatten the weaved wires with needle nose pliers. We are  now going to create the ball of the foot where the toes begin. Place the needle nose pliers on the end of the weaved wires and turn upward slightly.
Hold the end of the loose wires with your left hand.  With  needle nose pliers in right hand place the pliers over the center of the weaved wires.  Gently turn your wrist to create the arch of the foot.  Bend the toe wires creating knuckles.  Do not over exaggerate the knuckles.  You will end up with claws.  I turn each tip of the toe wire upward just a bit for an elegant appearance.
I apologize for the blurry picture.  I forgot to hold my breath as I snapped the photo :0
Place needle nose pliers next to the weaved wires. See Blue marker below. Bend wires to create the heel.  See Pink marker below.  Bend wires to create the ankle.
Wrap remaining wire around ball of foot and ankle.
The wire foot is complete.  Go nuts with the leg wires. Anything is possible.  Refer to the wire hand tutorial for added inspiration.
Hand & Arm Tutorial
by Jean Bernard